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The Essentialiving Planner in 1 minute

Sfeerbeeld Essentialiving Planner

Structure your daily life

The Essentialiving Planner is specifically designed to help you live a more essential life by giving your daily life more structure, allowing you to smoothly go through and tick off all the things you have to do. Instead of continually feeling you’re falling behind, you’ll be back in the driver’s seat of your own life.

This can be found in the Essentialiving Planner

Balance Creator & Balance Check

The Essentialiving Planner presents you with a Balance creator. Fill it in to get an insight into your time and energy expenditure. This will give you a good starting point for the changes you want to achieve. Each weekly overview offers a balance check. Has this week been in line with the course you set? The Balance check is a friendly reminder of the schedule that you desire.

Overview per day, week and month

Each month offers room for notes, thoughts, doodles, reminders and for planning ahead. Everything that comes to mind can be written down – that way, you’ve got your entire year in a single place: your Essentialiving Planner.

Weekly focal point

Feed something with your attention and it will grow. By consciously determining a single focal point or theme each week, you’ll notice that your area of interest gets the attention it deserves.

Dining plans & a weekly recipe

The Planner can also help you to consciously plan your dinner. The healthy meal that you intended to prepare but got lost somewhere along the way is a thing of the past. The Planner also provides you with a dinner suggestion each week.

Mood Tracker, Fun Things and Lovely Memories

We also include some nice stuff, such as room for Fun things, Lovely days & memories and your Morning routine to help you focus on what matters.

Inspiring quotes & beautiful illustrations

Every month starts with an inspiring quote and a beautiful illustration by Lina Eijlers. The Planner has a minimal design and is produced with a luxurious, natural linen cover and made of sturdy, white, environmentally friendly FSC paper. There is also a handy bookmark ribbon, so you never forget where you are. The Essentialiving Planner is in English.

This Planner helps you to gain an overview, giving you greater focus and balance and offering you the peace of mind you desire. Everything is conveniently organised in a paper diary. No more, no less. Essentialiving helps you to delete the excess baggage from your hectic life to get back to the essence.

Each open spread provides you with an overview of a whole week

Pictures of the Planner

Make your life essential

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